01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org
01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org


With more than 50 projects, 20 destinations, and more than 100 coordinators support in our projects, we proud of cooperating with a lot of groups come from different colleges and universities to join us every year. We provide the customized volunteer trips connecting with the education for all the groups.

Our projects almost based on the minority ethic people in both mutinous area and island area. It will help for student explore the real local style, cross-cultures, and the beauty of nature. Besides that, the students can help for the community related to the non-formal education programs and experience with the special teamwork skills that they will be trained within the programs.

The flexible time for the group will be provided from V.E.O, and it is mainly 2 days and 1 night for the length.

Let your students explore the real life of locals, leading more experience from our volunteer programs, please choose your destination here and feel free to make a requirement from us now.

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