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01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org

Travel Insurance

We apply travel insurance for all our volunteer trips. We work with the international and national travel insurance organization to make sure that all the right for our volunteer will be reserved. We do all the things in our ability to organize the trip smoothly, fantastic, and me memorable experience.   

The medical emergencies will be included in the volunteer cost, however the other things such as lost damaged luggage, loss of valuable items will be provided if you are required. That will be count in the extra cost.  

V.E.O have closed partnered with the Bao Viet Insurance and Liberty Travel Care to source the right of insurance for all our volunteers.    

Our Partners offers a range of policies that are suitable for volunteering abroad and can be easily extended to cover travel before or after a volunteering experiences. The cost is also comparative and you only list out your requirement for us then, we can process it as soon as we receive your requirement. Our priority is ensuring volunteers are supported to get the help they need, quickly. 

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