01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org
01205-081-088 info@volunteerforeducation.org


For more than five years from 2013, we have organized more than 200 trips for students from primary, secondary and high schools join us every year. All the participants feel very enjoyable, happiness and useful to join the volunteer program.  

Long time ago, most of us though that the children cannot be a volunteer for community development because they are so young. But, nowadays, we change our mind. We can see a big change for children when they join in the society activities, especially for the volunteer trip. But the important things is you need to find the trips that safe for your children, your students, and most of volunteer trip cannot match your requirement.  

With V.E.O, we have been working with the local community for more than five years, we also welcome and organize the trip for schools every year, we understand how the safe is important, and the conditions for the students related to the accommodation and meals, it is also very important as well. In order to create the great trip for the schools, a hundred of meeting with locals, and expert have been organized and now we are self-confident to say that we are leading of organization to organization the international schools trip in the whole of Vietnam with customized volunteer workcamp.  

Let your students explore the real life of locals, learning more experience from our volunteer programs, please choose your destination here and feel free to make a requirement from us now !

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