V.E.O Homestay

“ Dating in unknown lands” is a famous reality show of France, and its fomat is taking celebrities to remote areas in the world, and asking them experience living and working as a local people in two weeks. The show comes to explore many new places in India, Indonesia, Bolivia…, and Vietnam. Coming to Vietnam, the show brought Frederic – a wellknown footballer of France to the jungle in the north of Vietnam. He had two weeks living and working with Lo Lo people – an ethnic minority of Vietnam. Frederic had unforgetable homestay experiences here such as: living in a stilt, sleeping without pillows & cushion, only eating rice ancasdried fish every day, ploughing fields, growing rice, feeding pigs, selling corn in local market…, all of which not only gave him chance to have closer relationship with Lo Lo people, but also helped him discover new values of life  and simple definition of happiness that he couldn’t find in France.

It is Frederic ‘s story, how about you? Would you like to have your own story in a homestay in Vietnam? If yes, let VEO makes your dream come true. We, VEO, really want to connect you guys – volunteers from all over the world, with local people from many beatiful remote areas of Vietnam. Many ethnic people we meet tell us they would love to host Vietnamese & foreign volunteers, but they feel ashame of their house, their difficult life. Their share gave us motivation to build up homestay with local people to develop tourism based on infrastructure and human resource of ethnic people. With this action, we also aim at improving the life of local people in remote areas, preserve their unique culture pristinely and synchronously, and help them have sustainable economic development as well.