Books are the precious treasure and the endless resource which help human open the door of knowledge. With the development of society, knowledge is considered the prerequisite condition to integrate and assert oneself . “No books, no knowledge”, besides studying at school, books are indispensable friends of human, which assist us in gaining more knowledge and enhancing personality.

However, there is a bare fact that not everyone has chance and condition to read books. Especially is the children in highlands, who even are not supplied the basic needs. Reading books and raising soul through books are their luxurious dreams. Underdeveloped conception that defies education made those children lose their chance of approaching the extensive knowledge. This is the reason why the gap between children living in mount’s areas and children living in cities is becoming bigger.

Having realised the problem of educational system, Volunteer for Education Organization (V.E.O) combines with “Book and Action” to conduct the project named “Bookcase in VEO” . This project aims at supplying books and bringing knowledge to children who are living in mount’s areas. Moreover, V.E.O also wants to arrange outdoor activities to encourage them to read books. There is one thing which make “Bookcase in VEO” different from the others is that it turns knowledge into actions. Instead of delivering books resources from the donations of public only, V.E.O usually organizes many competitions such as: “Road to Mount Olympia”, “Ring the Golden Bell” to foster the love of reading books.

Furthermore, “Bookcase in VEO” is the premiss to help us carry out the serial progams and supporting projects of raising talents in highlands. From that, we can impulse the development of our country’s education.

Because the human culture meaning and practical activities, “Bookcase in VEO” had the honour of being chosen to be the only project to join “Book’s Collection Campaign” at Forbes Summit 2015.

We are all bringing a hope and belief that books can change one’s life. “Bookcase in VEO” will join hands to raising the talents through every book page.

Thank you – the wonderful hearts of Vietnamese, who have accompanied with us during all this time.

Cảm ơn bạn – những tấm lòng tuyệt vời của những người Việt Nam đã đồng hành cùng VEO trong suốt thời gian qua.

Donation information


Kim Thị Ngọc Thương
0961 918 8639
Donation address
3rd floor, A17 building, 17 Ta Quang Buu St, Hanoi

Hoặc: gọi 04 66534088 để được hướng dẫn trao tặng sách dễ dàng nhất.

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