Volunteers’ Benefits

A journey of discovery and accomplishment
Together with VEO, you will discover and create new experiences on the challenging but definitely unforgettable routes. Every destination is an unique journey where you will not only have chances to behold diverse natural landscapes but also participate in amazing races that require endurance, agility and creativity. These races will make you explore the destination in your own unique way.

Unique local cuisine
VEO favorably provides you a chance to explore and try local specialties. You will be able to enjoy the unique taste of mountainous areas, witness food-making processes and make efforts to cook the food by yourself. At VEO, the shortest way to the heart is through the stomach, and we can tell food culture will make you love the destination much more than you expect.

A space full of cultural identity
Cultural identity of mountainous areas carries the diversity and distinctiveness of daily life activities of the ethnic minority. Each destination leaves an impression of Northwest community manners and customs, such as bamboo dance, flower dance, brocade, H’mong love market,… Join in VEO activities to become a part of people in this groups.

Communication with volunteers from around the world
Established and developed since 2013, VEO is now proudly connecting and expanding the network of more than 10,000 national and international volunteers. Joining us, you will officially register your name in that huge and diverse network. Communicating and experiencing together with volunteers from every corners of the workds are benefits which can only be found in VEO.

Rewards and recognized with international certificate
Do you know that by joining every responsible trip with VEO, you will increase 48 hours of community support in your volunteer profile, an essential element in your CV or college application. After the journey, VEO awards enthusiastic and devoted each volunteer a certificate of participation, proving your suportive journey with VEO