The abilities and competence of the youth is extremely important with an intellectual country as they are the key to the growth and prosperity of that country. However, the unemployment rate of graduate students in Vietnam has significantly increased in recent years

According to the department of statistics of Vietnam, there were 72000 unemployed graduates. The main reason behind this is that they cannot meet the businesses ‘requirement of skills and experiences. As a result, there is a conflict between quantity and quality in Vietnam’s labour force.

For this reason, “Shaping Viet Youth Future” project was established in order to share and develop the skills of Vietnamese young people.

The project consists of a chain of workshops with the aim to share knowledge, skills and real experiences of experienced people. We believe that if students learn from predecessors and fully equip themselves with necessary skills, they will have a better mindset, a better attitude. This will have a big impact on their future as well as the future of Vietnam.

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The objective of “Shaping Viet Youth Future” project is to connect experienced people with ambitious youngsters who are diligent and courageous. The experiences they learn from their predecessors can definitely help them to stand out and get a brighter future for themselves and our country.


Project content

The project consists of workshops revolving around necessary skills and experiences students need to be equipped before they start working. The project also gives them soft skills in order to have a successful and happy life. After each workshop, there will be a competition for students to apply the skills they have learnt from the workshops and students with the best performance will win prizes from sponsors.


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