1. Personal:

– We take interest in ideas that can develop the community’s economy sustainably through cooperative programs of the organization. You want to work with VEO.

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  1. Business

We attach special importance to develop community through education oriented methods. Cooperating with us are potential businesses which always want to develop business culture and support community.

With professional coordinators and a large volunteer network, we are always ready to cooperate with businesses in programs:

– Teambuilding for businesses. Click here for information

– Organizing events for businesses. Click here for more information

– Cooperating with businesses in order to sustainably develop community. Click here for more information

– Voluntary programs with businesses. Click here for more information


  1. Educational institutions

With the orientation to develop communities through education, VEO focus on giving the real values to the local communities and precious experiences to students through a wide range of programs such as:

– Responsible Travelling programs with schools. Click here for information

– Yearbook. Click here for information

– Voluntary program: Local Cooperation. Click here for information

– Experiential education. Click here for information.


  1. International cooperation

We are always ready to expand our connection internationally with personals and businesses in order to enjoys the benefits brought by the develop of communities, the network of volunteers. We are a reliable, responsible and potential partner. Click here for more information about cooperating.

If you are interested in being a volunteer for our projects, check out the link and form below.