Gala night team

Gala night is the soul of VEO’s responsible travel. Therefore, members of gala night team are the spirit keepers in every colorful night of the trip.

Joining the gala night team, volunteers have a chance to show their talents and management ability by creating the night plan, setting up performances and predicting situations. Last but not least, main priority of the team is to ensure the joyfulness and volunteer colors of Gala night.


Being a member of Marketing team, volunteers have to assure two major missions which are:

Catching beautiful and memorable images and moments of the trips that help provide media materials for participants’ journey.

Assisting marketing and business plans of other projects and local households that VEO is supporting.

As a result, maintaining these two major missions at once will give VEO’s volunteers a chance to practice your marketing skills and contribute your creative ideas to the development of the project.

Logistics team

A common characteristic of all the locations where VEO is launching projects is the uncompletion of infrastructure. Therefore, assistances from volunteers will help improve local facilities such as roads, schools,ect. These supportive actions will create better living standards for the people. Joining the logistics team, you are going to:

1) Build and improvve school facilities’ qualities

2) Open and renovate roads in mountainous areas

3) Protect the environment and raise awareness of local people about protecting the environment

4) Renovate houses of poor and disadvantaged households in nearby areas

Teaching team

Bringing unofficial education to nourish the soul and develop creative thinking of children in ethnic minority areas, VEO sets up teaching syllabus and organizes extra curricular activities such as training program of arts, singing and musical instruments for the children.

Joining VEO’s teaching team, you will become the teachers who help raise literacy among the children. You are free to be creative to teach, based on the syllabus provided by VEO so that the classes can be as fun and effective as possible.