Responsible travel to Lac II Village, Mai Chau, Hoa Binh


  • Time: 2 days 1 night
  • Depart in: Ha Noi
  • Fee: 1.000.000 VND

Distance: 120km – 3 hours traveling.

Visiting: Lac village, Van village, Chieu cave.

Local cuisine: Sticky rice, local grilled pork, fish and chicken.

Cultural experience: Brocade clothes, traditional handicraft.

Lac village - Mai Chau - VEO Lence

  • General
  • About the project
  • 2017 Goal
  • About the journey
  • Note

Mai Chau not only attracts tourists with its beautiful scenery but also its wonderful style of cuisine and specific characteristics such as traditional music and dances.

Hiding in the middle of the green valley of Mai Chau is the magnificent Lac Village where Thuan Hoa social protection centre is located. This centre provides poor, handicapped women the chance to work and make their living. Mrs. Thuan, a woman who has not graduated from high school, is always caring for the handicapped people. V.E.O was truly inspired by her. Started in October 2014, V.E.O and Mrs. Thuan have worked closely with each other to bring out the project “Hoa Ban Plus” to help the local handicapped women.

There have been a lot of V.E.O volunteers visited and helped out the Centre. At first, our relationship was only volunteers and local people but now we are so close to each other like a real family. On every single trip of us, our volunteers will have the chance understand their difficulties and courage. We also give them advise on how to maintain and develop the centre in order to introduce their products with Vietnamese and international customers.

Project implemented: Develop Hoa Ban Plus brocade products

Objective: Maintain and develop brocade products of Thai ethnic produced by Thuan Hoa Centre, therefore giving handicapped Thai women in Mai Chau a chance to improve their lives and make their own living.

Time: Since October 2014.


– Construct and improve the facilities for the centre.

– Advise and build a solid set of business strategies to introduce the products to Vietnamese and international customers.

– Directly take part in advertising and distributing resources for the centre.

– Establish English lessons for women in centre used for communication with foreigners.

Mai Chau

In unofficial education method:

30-60 students will join in the community class

The students acknowledge 12 systems of basic English vocabulary, communication

12 lessons about science, environment, soft skill will be shared

Develop the infrastructure for VEO bookshelf

Build the bookshelf with 500 qualified books

12 English lessons at Hoa Ban Plus Shop

+ 6 basic communication lessons

+ 6 sale topics

80% of the woman could perform basic communication and sale to the international customers

In community development: grow “Develop the Hoa Ban Cong brocade shop” and “Support in infrastructure for the poor household in Mai Chau” programs.

Develop the Hoa Ban Cong brocade shop

Execute 6 videos about PR for community service at Lac Village II:

+3 PR videos about homestay service with the culture and human of Lac village II.

+3 videos about Hoa Ban Plus shop: the women, factory, products, and real story about the hard life of the shop staffs.

Sucessfully calling people to invest in Hoa Ban Plus Shop:

+ Invest in infrastructure

+ Adding more tools for the shop (increase about 2-3 pensonels for the shop)

Open a new Hoa Ban Plus shop in Hanoi

Support in infrastructure for the poor household in Mai Chau

Support the wheelchairs for the disable women and children in Hoa Ban Plus shop

Build toilets for 3 household and tile the floor for 1 household

Morning Activities

  • 6h00 – 6h30: Gather at 110 Thai Thinh, Hacinco Hotel.
  • 6h30 – 11h00: Depart to Lac village.
  • 11h00 – 13h30: Have lunch and prepare for the Afternoon Activities.

Afternoon Activities

  • 13h00 – 14h00: Gather at the Hoa Ban Plus shop in order to prepare for the tasks.
  • 14h00 – 17h00: Assigned groups will executive their tasks:
    • Marketing group take charge of taking photos, videos of Lac.
    • Teaching group teaches English, soft skills and environmental protection for the children.
    • Logistic group will help Hoa Ban Plus, support the improvement of roads, vegetable gardening, agricultural seasonal work.
    • Program group will prepare for the Gala night including cultural exchange with the local, rehearse for the night program.
  • 17h00 – 19h30: Rest, dinner, take shower.
  • 19h30 – 22h00: Gala night, teambuilding, campfire, dancing…
  • 22h00: Sleeps at the home-stays. (Are the renovated houses of the local for serving tourist purpose)
Day 1

Morning Activities

  • 6h30 – 7h00:  Wake up, personal hygiene and have breakfast.
  • 7h00 – 11h00: Play cultural game, climbing to Chieu cave, behold Mai Chau at the height of 400m, visit Lac 1 village for buying souvenirs, taking pictures in brocade clothes.
  • 11h00 – 13h00: Lunch.

Afternoon Activities

  • 12h30 – 13h00: Take a rest, prepare to leave.
  • 13h00 – 17h30: Depart back to Hanoi. Arrive Hanoi, end of journey.
Day 2

Cost including:

  • Return bus journey
  • Stilt for 2 days and 1 night
  • 3 meals and 1 supper
  • Mineral water
  • Tourism Insurance
  • Entrance tickets for sightseeing destinations
  • Explore and support the local community


Volunteer for Education Organization

Hotline: 01205081088

In case of disaster, the trip will be canceled

Extra 10% security fee for international volunteer