VEO T-Shirt

Every single trip to highland always makes us so obsessed. We are obsessed over the innocent eyes from those ethnic children, all the pure questions they gave about the chaotic yet mysterious life out there like cinema, wifi, smartphone… The children was so joyful holding all fascinating presents, from notebook, … to the little sweet box we brought all the way from Hanoi.
But the biggest obsession that ever comes cross our minds happened when we had chance to see how these little children need to surface with the brutal cold winter without any actual close, jacket. No matter how cold it is outside, these children only have one old tattered shirt to cover their freezing body. It wasnt because they try to be cool, try to ignore the cold by wearing ‘summer look’, but because except those tattered shirt, they have no choice…

Seeing and listening the everyday life of those little ethnic children urging VEO to create a miracle, to bring VEO purple color to wherever we come, wherever we work, to warm up little kid’s winter by giving them the hit of VEO Tshirt, to company with them to school.

VEO Tshirt project is invented to look for and support the living standard of mountainous children whom still struggling in poor. Every single Tshirt you buy and you use, there will be one kid Tshirt donated in our charity bank and will be brought directly to all the children in the mountainous areas where we are holding our projects.