Something about VEO


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Volunteer for Education (VEO) is the network of young people around the world who share the same passion of contributing to the development of community. Through volunteering educational program, V.E.O bring long term educational benefit, career opportunities and a stable living standard for the poor and disadvantaged communities within Vietnam.



We believe that education is the most effective way to improve the standard of living, especially for the poor and disadvantage within our country. V.E.O defines human development through educational program is our biggest purpose, in order to offer long-term benefit as well as stable live for disadvantaged community.


Recognize the importance of education in human development, and the necessity of training and supporting for disadvantaged community, we have been creating training program which including common knowledge and sustainable business development skills, along with program to improve and innovate local facilities.

The team V.E.O with our ‘fire in heart and youth in mind’ members determine to bring quality and effective training programs through potential projects that suitable with living standard, literacy level and local facility condition on each places.

We have been making effort to improve and reinnovate educational facilities in order to bring a better education environment for children. Simultaneously, V.E.O enhance the need of traditional business model and try to promote it by providing business solution, marketing advice and others methods for local business.

Besides, V.E.O also aims to extend and enlarge our volunteer network within Vietnam and oversea. We are trying hard to keep creating suitable and affordable projects that support the youth to give a hand and contribute to the development of our living society. Rather than that, you’ve got chances to discover and experience the beautiful yet hidden angles of our beloved Vietnam.


We are ambitious to become the biggest network of young people who devote their spirit to the development of our living community.
Slogan: Better education, brighter life