VEO Commitment



With VEO, youth is not defined by ages but by beautiful moments of our lives. The network of more than 10,000 enthusiastic volunteers of VEO definitely demonstrates that youth spirit is an indispensable feature in every single trip you go on. No matter who you are and where you come from, once you get on our trip, you will absolutely feel rejuvenated



Joining our journey, each volunteer will gain memorable living experiences. Accompanied with VEO on the long roads and to every corner of the S-shaped land, you will meet new amazing friends while enjoying the most meaningful days of your lifetime. To us, living means not waiting



Dedication comes from simple actions. In each destination we set our foot on, VEO develops a project in which volunteers altogether assist the community. You will help local habitants preserve their long-existed culture, maintain their own livelihood and bring the light of education to their small villages. To the young volunteers who wear the violet T-shirts of VEO, to devote is to help and to share.