Chance to work with the American top-ranked doctors


Chance to work with the American top-ranked doctors

-The Translator and Interpreter will primarily facilitate written and verbal communications both internally and externally for key RICE Project staff.
-Be interpreter for RICE Project in meetings, clinics, operating rooms and conferences Interpret and translate for RICE Project Coordinator and surgeons as required
-Be primary translator for all documents and project materials related to Dartmouth RICE Project activities
-Be required to travel to hospitals as project requires.
-Work at weekends and/or evenings as required Assist with other duties as required by RICE -Project management
Required qualifications:
-Medical student with fluent English Speaking/writing skills.
-Experience in working closely with English speaking foreigners in interpreting role is an advantage.
-Able to quickly learn, understand and interpret medical terminology.
-Possess good analytical and interpersonal Skills.
-Good time management and organizational skills.
-Able to handle confidential patient information appropriately.
-Able to work under stress to meet tight deadlines and handling multiple tasks.
-Self-motivated, independent and proactive.
-Good skills in IT Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Internet.

The Program will be hold from Monday to Friday (6th-17th of March), the surgeries constantly occur so that candidates are required to participate at least 50% of the time.

Quantity: 4 Candidates

Interview will be on Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of March.

-Work in an international environment with surgeons from prestigious hospitals and institutions from around the globe.
-Earn a Dartmouth College Volunteer certificate.
-Invitation to the Dartmouth RICE Project Fundraiser Gala 2017.
-Opportunity to improve English skills and work experience in a professional environment.

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About the program:
Reconstructive International Cooperation Exchange (RICE) was co-hosted by Dartmouth university and Volunteer for Education Organization (VEO) co-host the program, brings team of surgeons and nurses to Vietnam, who partake in advanced complex surgical reconstruction at five different hospitals in Hanoi. procedure in the past has included head and neck craniofacial surgery, upper extremity congenital surgery, and even a toe-to-hand transfer during the trip in March 2009. This trip aims to help Vietnamese people by providing charity surgeries in the short-term, and by exchanging the skills, knowledge, and culture with the healthcare providers at Vietnamese hospital in the long term.